Take a dip in the wonderful world of organic.

What does it take to be organic?

Organic is about the way you protect your crops. With organic cultivation you don’t use any classical pesticides, chemical-synthetical pesticides nor weed control. What can you use then? We fight weeds by means of labour-intensive, mechanical control or we use biopesticides based on extracts from organic products. 

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Is organic better?

There will always be believers and non-believers. Purely from the health point of view we can’t say organic is necessarily healthier because conventional potatoes have to comply to a lot of strict rules and standards as well. Without a doubt, the organic story excels in durability and the way the soil, soil life and the nature surrounding the parcel are treated.

Unique position in the organic potato market

De aardappelhoeve always had great interest in organic cultivation and puts a lot of effort into it. At this moment a quarter of our total cultivation is organic. That share didn’t just happen. It took effort, knowledge and courage.

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Het biohof

Het biohof is a cultivator of organic potatoes. It’s the sister company of De aardappelhoeve and was founded in 2016. Before, a lot of organic potatoes were imported from Holland, France and Germany. As our vision is grafted in the conviction to cultivate and distribute locally as much as possible, we wanted to be able to work exclusively with Belgian organic products during the storage season. Thanks to tests and research with Het biohof we succeeded at developing several cultivars that are available from the beginning of September until March.


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Belgian agreement for robust organic potatoes

In 2018 we and several partners in the Flemish and the Walloon potato sector signed the agreement for robust organic potatoes. The goal is to use 100% robust cultivars in the organic potato chain by 2021.

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