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Het biohof

Het biohof is a cultivator of organic potatoes. It’s the sister company of De aardappelhoeve and was founded in 2016. Before, a lot of organic potatoes were imported from Holland, France and Germany. As our vision is grafted in the conviction to cultivate and distribute locally as much as possible, we wanted to be able to work exclusively with Belgian organic products during the storage season. Thanks to tests and research with Het biohof we succeeded at developing several cultivars that are available from the beginning of September until March.

Sharing knowledge

It wasn’t the only purpose of Het biohof to gain experience in organic cultivation, but more importantly to support the cultivators that grow organic potatoes for De aardappelhoeve. We have to keep up with the market because over the past few years there’s been a major shift from conventional potatoes to organic cultivars.


How do we keep adapting to this trend?

Het biohof is a playground where we can experiment freely with cultivars, fertilization and crop protection. We can test a new organic cultivar on a small scale. If we notice that it works and that it adds to the flavour and quality, we introduce them to our organic farmers. The same goes for the use of certain machines and mechanical control. This way we support our partners permanently along the organic way. It’s our contribution to quality cultivation.

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