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Own labels

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Whoever loves a fresh potato salad or a gratin dish, always scores with the potato cultivar Laurette. It is also perfect for other preparation methods such as cooking, baking or steaming. You don’t have to peel them! Already have a craving? It’s your lucky day: discover Laurette the entire year exclusively in Colruyt, OKay and Spar.

  • type: conventional, hard boiling potato
  • quantity: 2,5 kg/bag
  • form: long and regular shape, firm and yellow flesh, thin peel
  • taste: creamy, juicy nut flavour
  • preparation: suitable for cooking, baking and steaming. Ideal for a potato salad or in a gratin dish.
  • season: all year available

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You can do anything with potatoes and the following addresses prove it.
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