Durable together

Durable entrepreneurship means we aim for maximum efficiency with as little stress as possible on man, environment and nature. It’s is only a conviction; we also turn it into actions and accomplishments: 

Small ecological footprint

With 300 ha of our own cultivation we can meet a large part of the demand ourselves. Most of it is destined for the fresh market. The remaining potatoes go to the industry. As all of the parcels are near our company, we succeed at reducing transport and CO2 emissions. In addition, we manage a lot of the steps in the potato process at the same location: our company in Tielt. Thanks to our consciously chosen potato route we can keep our ecological footprint under control.

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Durable partnerships

Collaborating with local players is not always an option because in some seasons no inland potatoes can be found. Think of the early potatoes in April/May. For those periods we commit to establish durable partnerships with farmers abroad. Durability is in the fair price (profit) and correct social working conditions (people). Young starters in the South receive the necessary means to invest and to start a business on their own. Our GlobalGAP GRASP certificate serves as proof.

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Buy locally

We cannot cover all of the demand with our own potatoes. That’s why we also buy potatoes from cultivators in the area. Besides, did you know that De aardappelhoeve was the first to contact Colruyt with a tangible short chain proposal? 

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Organic pioneers

You can call us that! With our sister company Het biohof we gain experience in organic farming and we experiment with cultivars, fertilisation and crop protection. Those efforts ensure we can also pursue the short chain story in our organic cultivation. We also focus on robust crops and drastically reduce the use of crop protection. We signed the environmental agreement for organic potatoes. 

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Project D.O.Start

Within our company as well we take non-stop hurdles for more durability. Every year, under the guidance of Pom West-Vlaanderen (the Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij) we draw up an internal action plan for the realisation of durable solutions. All points are focused on 3 pillars: people - planet - profit

Durable techniques

Do terms like smart farming or precision farming ring a bell? We like to focus on this. All of our tractors are equipped with GPS command and eco modes. This allows us to plant, fertilize and treat the parcel accurately. Every acre receives the perfect dosage on the right spot so none of the products and space goes to waste. Nor is there loss into creeks, streams or ponds at the edge of the parcel. A cultivation program keeps track of the data of every piece of land. This way we can continue following everything confidently. 


Our company is situated between the beautiful fields of Tielt which we enjoy daily. In order to have as little impact as possible on the surroundings, we extract our electricity from solar energy. We have a surface of 1,500 m² and use it to produce 180.000 kWh every year. In our cold rooms as well we use eco-friendly coolants. We don’t dump waste water either. We received the ‘nullozerstatuut’ (zero dump statute) after we put our own water purification installation into service. And finally: every time we purchase a new vehicle or a new machine we always choose the environment-friendly option.

Disposable packaging

We make our packaging partly from recycled materials. 30 per cent of the materials in our plastic foil for Colruyt consists of reusable materials. For Aldi we use paper bags. It’s a noble cause to strive for zero waste packaging, even if we still have a long way to go.

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