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Unique position in the organic potato market

De aardappelhoeve always had great interest in organic cultivation and puts a lot of effort into it. At this moment a quarter of our total cultivation is organic. That share didn’t just happen. It took effort, knowledge and courage.

We challenge ourselves

2006 was a difficult year for organic cultivation. The potato plague thrived abundantly because of the humid weather. Moreover, the plague came early in the potato season. When such an outbreak happens, organic cultivators are obliged by the government to burn their foliage immediately. That year there were hardly any big potatoes and cultivators were left behind with baby potatoes.

In order to avoid a disaster, De aardappelhoeve looked for a solution for those – at first sight – small potatoes that could not be sold. We contacted several retailers and offered a 1 kg dish organic baby potatoes. It was a direct hit. Every year we notice a growth of the share of organic baby potatoes. Today we deliver almost 2 million packages to different supermarket chains.

Check our organic label.

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