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What does it take to be organic?

Organic is about the way you protect your crops. With organic cultivation you don’t use any classical pesticides, chemical-synthetical pesticides nor weed control. What can you use then? We fight weeds by means of labour-intensive, mechanical control or we use biopesticides based on extracts from organic products. 


Before harvesting the potatoes, we want the foliage to be dead so the peel can harden and we can start harvesting. In the case of conventional potatoes we spray the plants to death. In the case of organic potatoes we use a harrow to destroy the foliage. 


Not everyone is allowed to use the organic label

You have to comply with strict European laws and standards. We also keep an eye on this.

We keep our organic potatoes in a separate hangar. In the morning we start with the organic potatoes and afterwards we shift to the conventional potatoes. In the evening we clean everything perfectly so we can start again with organic potatoes. By doing so we avoid contamination. In collaboration with Tüv Nord Integra, we do multiple check-ups every year and our clients are guaranteed the organic and conventional potatoes are strictly separated.

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