About us

De Aardappelhoeve is our family business, situated amidst the potato fields of Tielt.  
We are specialized in the growing, washing and packing of many table potatoes.

We are Bart Nemegheer and Anja Provijn, the founders of De Aardappelhoeve. 
Since 2013, our son Ruben also is involved in the development of our company.

We are in control the whole food chain, from the fields to your plate, which is the main asset of the Aardappelhoeve. The planting, growing, washing, packing and transport of the potatoes to the supermarkets is our everyday activity.  The potatoes of De Aardappelhoeve are grown with an eye for sustainability, washability, quality and taste.










We possess all quality labels, excellent traceability and have an organic certification.

History of origin:

Starting the cultivation of potatoes.

Installation of the box storage with a capacity of 1500 tons (especially for waxy potatoes).

Expansion of activities in regards to the washing and packing of potatoes for large Belgian retail stores.

Commissioning of a complete new complex with its own laboratory, the most modern machinery, a large box storage warehouse, packing installations and own distribution center.

Ever since, we have continued to invest in the sustainable development of our company.